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Plan day trips or overnight adventures based on your interests.   

Village life
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Village life

Be welcomed into an amerindian village and participate in day to day activities

Loaded with cassava

If you are feeling strong try using a warishe!

Walking to the farm

Vera grows cassava, peanuts and other vegetables and fruits in her farm

Farine being parched

You can take part in the long process of turning cassava into farine: the staple of the region

Baking cassava bread

Vera demonstrates how to bake cassava bread

Narine practises his guiding skills

Often the whole family gets involved; here Narine helps guide us up the mountain to his family's farm

The South Rupununi is home to the Wapishana, who maintain their traditional ways of life while becoming increasingly active in national politics. 

You can learn more about their past and future by visiting a village or home, touring a farm, chatting over a meal, and taking part in the laborious process of turning cassava into food and drink.

We have newly set up Wichabai Ranch on an historical site: the home of the Rupununi Rebellion and the last Balata trading station in Guyana.  You can learn more about the history of ranching in Guyana, and spend a day on the ranch.

Perhaps start with an early walk and a swim in the lake, spend some time in the corral with the vaqueros (and learn to use a lasso!), in the afternoon ride a horse to our farm where you can pick vegetables for dinner, and on your return help herd the cows back into their paddock before settling in for a cool drink, a homemade meal and a long 'gyaff' under the stars

Join the vaqueros
Bucking Bronco

Join the vaqueros in the corral; wild horse riding is not mandatory!

Cow work can be a spectator activity

Heading out

You can join the vaqueros for a few hours, or overnight on their roundup

Megan takes a ride

A short ride with some beautiful views might be more to your liking

Through the chute

Join the vaqueros in the corral

Vaquero work starts young

Take part in the day to day activities on the ranch

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