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Oct 2021

New cabins complete!

Making 4 cabins for guests

Our two new cabins are now receiving guests.  This means we now have four stunning guest cabins.  Each one has a large bedroom with 2 double beds, an ensuite bathroom and a private verandah.  Every cabin stands on stilts to catch the breeze and the amazing views of the Kanauku Mountains to the north and Durukban Mountain to the East.

All our cabins are made from local woods, built by local craftsmen and furnished in simple, spacious comfort.  

Jan 2021

New Covid-Ready SOPs in Place

We've worked with the Guyana Tourism Authority to create and implement standard operating procedures that will protect our visitors and staff from Covid 19.

Please ask us for a full copy of out SOPs.

Wichabai is certified 'Safe for Travel' by the GTA.


July 2020

Camp Kumaran is waiting for you

Our new mountain hideaway

We have just completed the camp at Kumaran, a family farm in the very centre of the Kanuku mountains, along the Rupununi River.  It is a simple building of wood and leaf, but the views  out over the top of the forest canopy are spectacular!  Macaws and a Harpy Eagle fly overhead, and the river bubbles way below.

This is somewhere special to visit on a river itinerary with Rupununi Trails.  See our itinerary page, and try any one with a Rupununi River component: Indigenous Roots; Kanuku: mountain, rainforest and river; and Savannah and River Itineraries all allow guests to overnight at Kumaran.

June 2020

Giant Anteater Research names 26 anteaters! 

The South Rupununi Conservation Society, based at Wichabai, continues exciting Giant Anteater Research and Conservation

This is Edmund, one of 26 giant anteaters that we have identified in the area between Wichabai and the nearest village, Katoonarib.  

The idea of the research is to identify individual anteaters from camera trap images and anteater monitoring expeditions.  We can then calculate a population estimate.  The next step is to create community managed conservation zones in participating villages.  The long term goal is to protect this amazing species and bring revenue to the area through eco-tourism and research.

As a guest at Wichabai you can join in the anteater conservation work in the field, and if you are there when a new anteater is identified you get the honour of naming it!

We are expanding work in September 2020 to 3  more communities.  To find out more, look up the SRCS facebook page and website


December 2019


At Guyana's first ever Tourism Awards, in December 2019, The South Rupununi stole the show!  We won no fewer than one third of all the awards!

Here are our wins: 

 New Tourism Product or Experience of the Year – Wichabai Ranch

Most Outstanding Contribution to Tourism by NGO/Volunteer Group – South Rupununi Conservation Society

Tourism Investment of the Year – Wichabai Ranch

 Best Senior Tour Guide – Leroy Ignacio

Honorable Mention, Guiding - Asaph Wilson

Thanks to Maya deFreitas (left) who picked up our awards, and thanks to the Guyana Tourism Association for your support.

140,000 Views and Counting!

Guyana's News Room visited us in November 2019, and made a lovely short film that has been viewed over 140,000 - that is more than 17% of the entire population of Guyana.  You can find a link on our facebook page.

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