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Plan day trips or overnight adventures based on your interests.   

Rupununi Birding
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Design a trip at your comfort and interest level.  Incorporate the birds and sites you want to see.  Include cultural visits, river trips or even end with a tour of the astonishing Kaieteur Falls

White throated Toucan

All manner of species are seen here, where savannah, mountain and rainforest intersect

Male Red Siskin

These highly endangered birds perch and feed just minutes walk from the house

Juvenile Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagles nest in the forest; getting to their location means two or more days on the river, depending on the season

South Rupununi Conservation Society

We set up the South Rupununi Conservation Society to monitor and protect the Red Siskin. Visitors can participate in our conservation activities

Ruby throated Topaz

Even by the most inexperienced birdwatcher will enjoy a pleasant evening walk to admire some beautiful birds.

On walks and drives around the ranch and nearby, our experienced bird guides will point out a variety of savannah, jungle and riverine birds.

Those looking for special birds can be accommodated by our family tour operator; in the past we have hosted parrot finding expeditions, tours to see Harpy Eagles, Sun Parakeets, Rio branco antbirds, Hoary throated spinetails, Red Siskins and other birds of interest in southern Guyana.

**UPDATE: A group of 20 Red Siskins are using our garden as a feeding spot!  Contact us for a chance to see this highly endangered bird just a few minute's walk from your accommodation **

Rupununi Wildlife
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The mammals of the rainforest and savannahs are elusive, and increasingly under pressure from hunters and wildlife traffickers.  During your stay with us you may see foxes, giant anteater, giant river otters and deer, but for a better chance of meeting a monkeys, tapir, giant black caiman or even a jaguar, we recommend you spend some time on the river.

Giant Anteater

These fantiastic-looking beasts roam the savannahs looking for termites to eat

South Rupununi Conservation Society
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Sand Creek Secondary

Every other week, SRCS takes local school children out birdwatching

Siskins in the net!

SRCS members scramble to collect birds caught in the mist net

Recording station

Siskins and other birds are measured and banded, then released

Red Siskin banding

SRCS bands Siskins to track their numbers and movements


Our family and friends set up the South Rupununi Conservation Society (SRCS) in 2000 to monitor and protect the Red Siskin.  Since then we have continued research into the bird and its habitat, launched a turtle conservation programme, started work on bird friendly coffee farms and hold regular bird watching sessions in local schools.

Volunteer with SRCS for an afternoon, a few days or longer!

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