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Rupununi Adventurer



Embrace the thrills of the savannah: horse riding with vaqueros, off-road driving, tracking, canoeing, camping and wild bull riding if you want it!  This 4 day/3 night itinerary has it all.

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Your adventure begins when we pick you up in the border town of Lethem and drive you by 4X4 across the savannahs to Wichabai Ranch. 

Get settled in your rooms, and in the evening why not take a dip in the beautiful freshwater lake just a few minute's walk away.

After dark, head to the river, where we will use torchlight to spy the eyes of nocturnal fish, birds and other animals

Have dinner and drinks with your hosts Justin and Erin on the verandah of their ranch house, and hear the stories of years (generations!)  of Rupununi exploits.

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After a relaxed breakfast on your verandah, we take off on a morning hike, using a cutlass to blaze our own trails through bush and savannah.  Follow the tracks of one of the jaguars that prowl by night, or scout along a creek edge looking for anaconda lurking in the overgrown pools.

Lunch is a relaxed affair on the verandah of the ranch house, and afterwards you can swing in a shady hammock or go for a cooling swim.

Your next adventure begins by canoeing down the Rupununi River.  As the sun goes down you will make camp on the river's edge, cook our catch and tell tales around an open fire and sleep in a hammock under the stars.


Wake up to the sounds of the dawn chorus mingling with the rush of the river past your hammock and maybe take an early morning dip.

You will impress yourself by practicing some real off road driving in one of our 'rustic' jeeps as we make our way cross country back to the ranch.

After lunch, one of our vaqueros will take you horse riding.  Follow cattle trails through the hills or break out across the wild savannah.

We'll blaze up the fire tonight and have a big roast, rum and a good 'gaff'.


On your final morning, join the vaqueros in the corral as they work the animals: lassoing, tattooing and branding.  The cattle are wild and the vaqueros are wilder!  If you are feeling brave, this is your chance for the ultimate Rupununi adventure: ride a wild bull.  


If you have survived your last experience intact, we will pack up the jeep and return to Lethem in time to catch your onward transport.

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This is an example itinerary: activities will depend on your interests, budget, timescale and the weather and conditions. 

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