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Family Ranch Adventure


This is one holiday the children will never forget!  3 nights/ 4 days of horse riding, lassoing, tracking wild animals, joining the life of an Amerindian family, night time canoeing, spinning cotton, stargazing, swimming and even making a leather belt. 

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Your adventure begins when we pick you up in the border town of Lethem and drive you by 4X4 across the savannahs to Wichabai Ranch. 

Get settled in your rooms, and in the afternoon we will give you a tour of the ranch, the animals and people living there.

Dinner is on the verandah of the Ranch House, and after we can go stargazing.  We can see an amazing array of northern and southern hemisphere stars, and even the Andromeda Galaxy


Become a cowboy or cowgirl!


Before breakfast (but mayber after a snack) you will go for a walk in the bush and learn how to track wild animals like dear, agouti and giant anteater.  Set camera traps which we will pick up at the end of your stay.

Later in the morning you will see the vaqueros working in the corral, and after lunch they will teach you to make a leather belt to take home.  We tan all our own leather and make our own leather products here.

And in the cooler evening you will practice throwing a lasso and go for a horseride as the sun sets on the savannah.


Wapishana way of life

After breakfast we'll drive to the home and farm of a Wapishana family.  You will help them grate, sift and matapee cassava to make the staple food here: farine.  You can also try your hand at spinning cotton and shooting a bow and arrow.  You'll visit their farm to see how they grow everything they need to survive: from papaya to peanuts, and lots of cassava!

In the afternoon we will all go swimming or canoeing in the lake or river, and after dinner we can drift in the canoe, shining torchlights to look for nocternal animals by the water's edge.


On your final morning with us you will have time to go for a swim, a canoe or have another horse ride.  We'll pick up the camera traps and see what you have recorded.  Have you got footage of a puma?  Or maybe a bush hog?

Then it is time to head back to Lethem for your onward journey.


This is an example itinerary: activities will depend on your interests, budget, timescale and the weather and conditions. 

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