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South Rupununi Guyana




Welcome to Wichabai, our family home in the South Savannahs of Guyana

Escape to Wichabai to explore a living cowboy culture, an untouched Amerindian lifestyle and a modern self-sufficient ranch in a paradise of birds

No roads, no wifi, no phone signal and no interruptions.  It might feel like the end of the world, but it is the start of a great adventure!

Here you will find space to breathe and time to reconnect to a forgotten way of living



Eco-Tourism is a way of supporting local conservation with the South Rupununi Conservation Society 

Join the SRCS in the field to protect Giant Anteaters like this one

All our rates are all-inclusive. 

Starting at $90 per night and with offers for families and long stays, they are also the most reasonable of any lodge in Guyana’s interior. 

Your adventures at Wichabai Ranch

We host birders, photographers, families, explorers and travelers.

Use the itineraries below to inspire you, and we can suggest adventures to suit your interests and timescale.

Become a Rancher

4 Day Sample Itinerary

Crack a bull whip, lasso a cow, round up the cattle, track jaguar, use a bow and arrow, try some leather craft, grate some cassava and maybe ride a wild bull!

Birdwatching Safari

3 Day Sample Itinerary

Red Siskins, Hoary throated spinetail, Sharp tailed Ibis and a host of birds seen while driving, on foot, by horseback or canoe...

Family Ranch Adventure

4 Day Sample Itinerary

Horse riding, lassoing, tracking wild animals, join the life of an Amerindian family, night time canoeing, spinning cotton, stargazing, lake swimming and even make your own leather belt!

Rupununi Adventurer

4 Day Sample Itinerary

Horse riding with vaqueros, off-road driving, tracking, canoeing, camping in the savannah, and wild bull riding if you want it!  This itinerary has it all...

From our guest book...

The best house in the best company in the best part of Guyana.  Thanks, and until next time…

Thank you Erin and Justin for welcoming me into your beautiful home,  I have had the most incredible time here.  Thank you again for going above and beyond to make my time here so memoable.  I will definitely visit again in the future.

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  I wanna move here!


Are you looking for even more of an adventure?  Let our family Tour Operator plan your whole journey through Guyana (and beyond). 

           Are you thinking of.... 

Three weeks of canoeing through remote river systems? 

Ten days to find a specialist list of birds?

One month to experience all of Guyana?

And what about navigating hundreds of miles of river to reach Guyana's most remote tribe? 

                        We'll plan your trip, based on 30 years' experience creating adventure tours in Guyana.


Wichabai Ranch
South Rupununi



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